Most medical practices struggle to attract and retain patients. Why? Because they simply don’t have the marketing expertise, dedicated staff time and/or marketing resources to attract, convert and retain new patients to help their practice thrive. To attract and retain patients, practices need targeted medical marketing services. That’s why thousands of healthcare providers and practices of all types and sizes turn to Practice Builders for its unique healthcare marketing services.

We offer customized digital medical marketing and reputation management solutions that drive results. Partner with Practice Builders’ medical marketing experts to determine the best healthcare marketing strategies for helping you improve your online presence, enhance your online reputation, land you near the top of search results, grow your revenues, attract new patients and achieve your practice growth goals.

How We Can
Help Your Practice

After more than four decades of working with healthcare professionals and marketers, we have established that the medical practices that achieve the greatest success do so because they planned it. They had a comprehensive roadmap, and they came up with innovative medical marketing ideas every day and then left no stone unturned to implement it.

We can help you achieve the desired success by offering multiple methods for growing your medical practice. We’re a full-service digital healthcare marketing agency, so every service we offer has been carefully curated and proven to keep your practice growing through recessions, reimbursement cuts and turf invasions by deep-pocketed competitors.

Our comprehensive medical marketing strategies range from web design and development to online reputation management, extensive staff training and e-media solutions. Everything we do is positioned to help you achieve optimal growth and success. With Practice Builders, you have the right team, with the right skillset, applying an innovative approach to help you address issues, find solutions and put your medical practice on a growth trajectory.

Grow your practice with
Practice Builders

Attract More Patients to Your Clinic or Hospital


Target and capture your ideal patients by making your practice easy to find online.

Connect with Patients - Build Reputation


Form genuine connections with prospective patients via high-quality, useful content that makes them want to learn more about you.

Grow your medical practice with Practice Builders
Get more patients to Your Medical Practice


Turn prospective patients into paying ones by creating offers that they just can’t turn down.

Maximimize patient engagement & patient retention


Keep patients long-term by engaging them with valuable content and a stellar experience with your office.

Full of Benefits and Advantages

As a strategic healthcare digital marketing agency, we develop impactful communications that increase brand awareness and help physicians attract, connect, convert, and retain patients. Our custom healthcare digital marketing services and physician online reputation management can help both individual practitioners and large hospitals achieve their goals. Whatever level of support you need, we have a customized solution for you.

We offer in-depth, end-to-end healthcare digital marketing solutions, ranging from customized web tools that you can use indefinitely, such as our myPracticeReputation tool to manage your practice’s online reputation, to one-off services you can use when you’re in a time crunch or don’t have staff available.

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See how our clients grow their practice with PracticeBuilders.


Not sure which healthcare marketing solution is right for your practice? Practice Builders has been a specialist in marketing in the US since 1979. We are not just a healthcare marketing agency selling packages and managing popular healthcare brands. We have an integrated set of medical practice marketing services, including SEO, SEM, email marketing, analytics, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, website design, branding and much more.

Why Choose US?

So many other medical marketing agencies rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, often offering you the same cookie-cutter strategies and template-designed website as your competitors down the street. But at Practice Builders, we work with you to produce customized medical marketing strategies and a plan that aligns with your unique business needs and challenges.

We don’t believe in working as a healthcare marketing agency; we work as an extension of your team, a partner that understands your business goals and obstacles, rather than just executing strategies blindly.

Unlike other medical marketing companies that use tricks and glitz to attract patients to your website, we focus on helping you strengthen patient-provider relationships and the results speak for themselves. We deliver results, not shallow promises. Our client reviews and testimonials speak volumes.

At Practice Builders, we plan and execute ROI-driven healthcare digital marketing campaigns with the most innovative ideas. Unlike other medical marketing companies, we will not ask you to wait months for results to show. We will deploy all the resources we have, work only on building and pushing your campaigns and get the work done within your timeframe.

Our experts have created practice diagnosis tools to help you figure out your specific medical marketing plan. Alternatively, you could simply talk one of our medical practice marketing experts.

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